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Dance Floor Fillers From All Star 45's!
One of the hottest cover bands around, All Star 45's generate energy and excitement everywhere they perform.
This dynamic band features 4 vocalists performing classic tracks from legendary artists of rock&roll, country, reggae, blues and soul .Sounds from the cities of Nashville, Memphis, Detroit, Kingston, Liverpool and Swingin' London. All Star 45's deliver world wide smash hits and more!
Enjoy classic tracks of The Beatles, Stevie Wonder, Elvis, Rolling Stones, Eagles, CCR, Johnny Cash and much,much more  -- All Star 45's brings you live music from the golden years of vinyl records.
All Star 45's specialise in weddings and large corporate and social events. We will  work with you prior to your event date to ensure that a brilliant time is had by all.
Please contact us for availability and more information.

What's Happening in All Star 45's World?

Christmas With All Star 45's, Leeds

The Night Before Christmas Eve we're at The Duck&Drake. This is a different show to the Grove the following day and features some fine guest artists.
We kick off Christmas Eve  at The Grove at 3pm until 6pm. So plenty of time to get home and wrap your presents. Come and join us for some Yuletide fun. Johnny on Dasher, Rory on Dancer, George on Prancer and Gary on Vixen. Run, Run, Rudolph!!

Dave Vacates The Drums

Well, a few changes on the way. Dave has vacated the drum stool due to the forth coming appearance of baby in February 2018. So it's congratulations to Rachel and Dave and please send them lots of love and good vibes!

Jonny Takes The Vacant Seat

Jonny 5 becomes our main drummer. You've seen him with us many a time when Dave couldn't make it. He has played in many projects previously with George, most notably "Cutyourselfinhalf".Check out Jonny's other band "Glass Mountain" who do their own original stuff. I'll get you a link to their website.

Additional Players Wanted

We're looking to recruit a piano/organ player and a sax player if anyone knows someone who may be interested.

New Setlist Being Developed

It's long overdue that we overhaul the set list. Yes we know you like the songs, and so do we. We need to bring some new tunes in to keep ahead . We will be looking to replace existing material with songs of the same calibre
and probably will swap for songs by the same artists. Although there will be some surprises coming.

2018 Dates 

Expect to see a lot more of us in 2018 than you did this year. First we have a lot to do to get there!
Thanks for your support so far. We have started to book dates. Check out the gig page for dates so far

T Shirts Now Available
All Star 45 T shirts now available at gigs, or get in touch if you want one posting. £10.00 plus postage.