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Meet The Band



Vocals, Guitar

Gary has been a part aof his local music scene for many a year, playing both his own original music and reproducing classic hits. He has completed several tours of the USA and Europe and has played guest slots along with artists such as Squeeze, Blur, John Martyn, Doctor Feelgood to name a few. When not playing in All Star 45;s you can find him playing solo acoustic gigs



Vocals, Guitar

George has played in some great original bands including legendary power pop trio "The Touch", "Daybreakers" and "Cutyourselfinhalf" who released their acclaimed debut album "Mekkanism" on the "New Heavy Sounds" label. He too has a wealth of musical experience and has completed several tours of the USA and Europe. He can also be found playing solo gigs. Look out for his new project, George Quinn & The Imbeciles, which features ex members of The Touch.. You can also see George playing in other projects. Such as Waiting For Wednesday and Sham Parsons & The Ballin' Angels

Jonny 5


Jonny provides hearbeat of the band. When he lays 4 on the floor with that kick drum, you know about it. Jonny also plays with his own original band Glass Mountain and has featured in many projects previously with George, Jonny is also a very accomplished Rap drummer as we, he loves playing that stuff.



Vocals, Bass Guitar

Rory provides both the bottom end of the musical spectrum,with the bass and the top with his vocals. He comes with a wealth of musical experience and when not playing with All Star 45's he can be found playing solo acoustic gigs.Please note,if you see him at a gig, he loves those sugary,jelly snake things!

Other projects which Rory has fronted include "Braveface" and "Rory Holl And The Men". And now he has The Rory Holl Band & Rory And The Sons. Such a busy man!


Hall Of Fame



It's been an absolute pleasure to have Dave in the band over the last few years. You'll probably still find him sitting in with us on occasion. Dave also plays with his own original band The Reacharounds and now also Creedence Clearwater Revival Revival.

And when he's not thumping out the beat, he can be found spinning the decks as a DJ and filling the dance floor by playing those actual classic vinyls. 



Mik Oates

Bass guitar, Vocals

Mik is the newest addition to the band.

When not with us you can catch him  with The Revelator Band. 

He is undoubtably pirate! Arrrrh!

Juicy "D", Davro, 

I nternational Man Of Mystery. Bass guitar, Vocals

Big D has played a lot of gigs with The All Stars. He occasionally does still play with us. He's the only guy who can play a gig whilst watching American football on his phone and still wow the audience. He is also the lead singer in Sham Parsons And The Ballin' Angels. Also a member of The Reacharounds and Creedence Clearwater Revival Revival. So you see we're lucky to get any appearances from this guy. He's so busy!

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